International Education is the Future

It’s International Education Week from November 13-17th!

International Education Week is a great opportunity to share, learn, promote, and celebrate the benefits of international education worldwide. 

This week, we are highlighting 3 Samoan students who are on the Fulbright International Scholarship Program across the United States, pursuing masters’ degrees – Moeumu at Colorado State University, Puti at University of Missouri-Columbia, and Jonathan at Worcester Polytechnic University.

Currently, Samoa has 109 students attending universities in the United States, more than 51% increase than last year. 

To learn more about higher education opportunities in the United States, please visit the EducationUSA Samoa facebook page! – Chargé d’affaires Noriko Horiuchi

Puti Mashari Tuiā

From: Samoa.

U.S. College/University: University of Missouri- Columbia.

Intended major/area of study: Master’s in Public Affairs (Truman School of Governance & Public Affairs).

“My name is Puti Mashari Tuia from the Island of Samoa, currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Affairs at University of Missouri-Columbia in the United States.”

Puti Mashari Tuiā.


“My international education journey has been an incredible experience, filled with cultural exchange and personal growth. I am grateful for the diverse connections and resources from the university that has been invaluable in making the transition to the U.S. smoother. I would encourage other students from Samoa to embrace new opportunities and cultures, stay focused on their academic goals, and never hesitate to ask for help when needed. I am excited about the prospects of gaining a world-class education and exploring the diverse opportunities available in the United States. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a note of gratitude to the Fulbright foreign Student program for the financial funding and support, as well as the assistance from the US Embassy that continues to work in this program for its great success. I believe that my exposure to foreign learning and knowledge will be of great use to not only myself, my country but will make a difference in my career in the long run.”

“Thanking my parents, family and friends for the continuous support. I love you all! Fa’afetai Lava!”


Jonathan Taumata Chang

From: Samoa.

U.S. College/University: Worcester Polytechnic University.

Intended major/area of study: MS in Climate change adaptation.

“The transition will be challenging, but remember, nothing truly worthwhile comes easily. You will encounter supportive friends, mentors, and unforgettable opportunities that will change you. Furthermore, you’ll not only learn about your academic career, but also discover more about yourself along the way. Lastly, with faith and determination, always keep in mind that if you can dream it, you can absolutely turn it into reality!”

Jonathan Taumata Chang.



Moeumu Uili

From: Samoa.

U.S. College/University: Colorado State University.

Intended major/area of study: Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology.

“Through the International Education Program under the Fulbright scheme, I am grateful to God for this opportunity to experience life in America as a graduate student. With the advantage of building a trusted working relationship with my program advisors, I slowly adapted and made good friends which are important to grasp the full benefits of living and learning abroad. Building my network with people who have diverse backgrounds from around the globe, who share the same interests and goals in life as I do, and who understand the differences in cultures, is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. While focusing on achieving my graduate adventure in all aspects, I am being reminded to live a balanced lifestyle, so I joined mostly the outdoor events organized by the University to see nature and wildlife which is where I have a passion to live.”

Moeumu Samoa