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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Ministry is responsible for the administration of Government’s business with foreign countries and their governments as well as international organizations. It also endeavors to initiate and continue to provide high quality and professional policy advice to Government on the management of Samoa’s foreign and trade relations.  The Ministry is committed to promoting Samoa’s national interests to achieve most benefits in relation to political, trade and economic and security objectives.

Government of Samoa

This page serves as the official webpage of the government of Samoa.

Samoa Tourism

Get answers to your frequently asked questions regarding travel to Samoa.


The Central Bank of Samoa

The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation’s reserve bank and, as such, it acts as banker to the Government and the commercial banks and operates under the following main functions: –

  • regulating issue supply availability and international exchange of money;
  • advising the government on banking and monetary matters;
  • promoting internal and external monetary stability;
  • promoting a sound financial structure;
  • promote credit and exchange conditions conducive to the orderly and balanced economic development of  Samoa;
  • supervising, regulating banking business and the extension of credit; and
  • implementing counter measures against money laundering such as to deter, detect and criminalized money laundering activities.

Samoa Observer

The Samoa Observer serves as a Samoan news source for Samoan-related news and world news. The Samoan Observer also offers opinion columns and editorials.

Talamua News Source

Talamua serves as an online news source on all things Samoa, including Samoan business, health, people, court, social media, and politics.

Pacific Trade and Investment

Pacific Trade Invest improves the livelihoods of Pacific people by enabling decent work and economic growth in the Blue Pacific.