U.S. Citizen Services

You may contact us by email or phone to book an appointment for any of the services listed below. For U.S. Citizen services requiring an appointment with the Consular Officer, you can email us at ApiaConsular@state.gov or call 21631 ext 2222 to schedule an appointment.

Please be advised that the appointment time is a guide as to when you should plan to be at the Embassy. It is not necessarily the time you will be seen by the Consular Officer. Applicants should plan to spend at least an hour at the Embassy. As the U.S. Embassy Apia is a one officer post, appointment times may need to be changed at short notice. Applicants will be contacted by email or phone should your appointment need to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances.

For the safety of all of our customers and staff, all visitors to the Embassy must pass through security screening at our reception area before entering. Please allow time for screening before your appointment.

All applicants are expected to remain in the main waiting area until seen by the Consular officer, you will have to go through the whole screening process again if you need to step outside.

Please do not bring luggage, including backpacks, to your appointment. You will not be able to bring these items into the Embassy, and there is no storage available in our office.

Mobile telephones and other telecommunication devices, electronic recording devices, and cameras may not be taken into the Embassy. Please turn them off, and leave them with the guards at the reception area. They can be collected after your appointment.

Aerosols of any kind are prohibited, and must be left with the guards until after your appointment.

Any type of headwear, including baseball caps, must be removed while in the Embassy.

Alerts and Messages

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