Fee Type US WST
* Examination of Oath $25 $60
*Passport Application (Minor) $105 $260
*Passport Application (Adult) $135 $330
Passport Renewal (Adult) – if the current passport was issued less than 15 years ago and had a 10 year validity $110 $270
Report Of Birth $100 $250
Notarial $50 $120
Additional Notarial Copy $50 $120
Authentication $50 $120
Certified True Copy $50 $120
Additional Certified Copy $50 $120


*An Examination of Oath Fee applies for all first passports, all minor passports, a first 10 year passport at or after age 16, lost, stolen or mutilated passports, and renewals of passports that were issued more than 15 years ago. this fee has already been included in the fees listed above.

Given the rapidly fluctuating exchange rate, the $ST amounts for the above fees may vary with short notice (the amount in $US is fixed and unaffected by the exchange rate).

Please Note: We only accept cash ONLY in U.S. or Samoan tala and do not accept personal checks, postal orders, or credit cards. We accept either U.S. or Samoan currency.

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