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U.S. – Samoa Relationship

U.S. – Samoa Relationship

The Embassy engages in a rich dialog with the Samoan government on a full range of bilateral and multilateral issues. These include such areas as regional security, development, and democratic institution-building, as well as bilateral cooperation in law enforcement.

The Embassy seeks to encourage greater cooperation with Samoa on economic and trade issues, such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group. The Embassy also works to promote U.S. exports to Samoa, reduce barriers to U.S. goods and services and protect the interests of U.S. investors.

The Embassy encourages Samoan funding for democracy, human rights and sustainable development, and policies on the environment that are compatible with U.S. and international concerns.

Finally, the Embassy seeks to enhance the United States’ cooperation with Samoa on terrorism, narcotics and other forms of international crime, and on extradition and deportation matters.

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